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Wave Good-bye by Lila Dare

Wave Good-bye - Lila Dare

Wave Good-bye is the fourth in Lila Dare's Southern Beauty Shop cozy mystery series. The series is no better written than the average cozy mystery, but contains relatable characters and interesting plots. Wave Good-bye is no different, and in fact contains a little more depth than I expected.
In this novel, Grace Ann, the main character, is going through a period of transition in both her relationships and her career. When a business rival is murdered, her situation becomes even more precarious. In typical cozy mystery fashion, the mystery is a bit predictable and the writing quite average. However, the characters, setting and plot are done well enough to overcome the flaws. Wave Good-bye is a very pleasing palate cleanser with just enough depth to keep it from getting boring.
I would recommend Wave Good-bye to fans of cozy mysteries. Dare manages to overcome the formulaic nature of the genre with well-developed characters and interesting plots. This was a light, fun read.
3.5 Stars

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