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Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia

Monster Hunter International - Larry Correia

Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia is the first in a high-action urban fantasy series. I really wanted to like this audiobook more than I did. There are things I enjoyed about the story. Unfortunately, its flaws outweighed the good bits and the result was a poorly written mess.
Monster Hunter International is about the adventures of Owen Zastava Pitt and a team of professional monster hunters who save the world from evil beings from another dimension. That alone wasn't really enough to turn me away - I do love urban fantasy. Sadly, the story fell flat what with hours of filler, truly awful dialogue, a too-perfect hero and an incredibly obvious plot. I did finish listening to the audiobook, so it wasn't impossible to tolerate, but it was pretty cheesy. The main character's quips in the heat of battle were just laughable and ugh, of course he's strong, smart and got the girl (you'll figure this out within the first hour of listening so I don't think this is a real spoiler). Some over-muscled actor with few English skills (I wonder if Arnold Schwarzenegger is busy) should star in the movie, which will inevitably be in 3D in a theater near you before long (eye roll). The only real positive I can come up with is that the voice acting by Oliver Wyman wasn't bad.
Monster Hunter International should have been a fantastic book for readers of exciting, gritty urban fantasy. Unfortunately, terrible writing and a poorly conceived plot left it an awful mess of a novel. If you're looking for great male-narrated urban fantasy, skip this and try Kevin Hearne or Jim Butcher.

1 Star

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