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The Death of Bees by Lisa O'Donnell

The Death of Bees - Lisa O'Donnell

Lisa O'Donnell's The Death of Bees is the story of love that can grow even in the bleakest of places. This has been on my to-read list for ages, but I had put off reading it until now because I thought it would be too ugly. The Death of Bees, however, is not ugly but unbelievably beautiful. At the same time, it is absolutely devastating, but only in the best of ways.
The Death of Bees tells the story of teen sisters in Scotland who have been abused and neglected throughout their lives. Their parents' death pulls them from their bleak existence into a world of grief, treachery and, ultimately, love. The novel is written in very short chapters from several characters' points of view, resulting in a fast-paced, surprisingly even-flowing and well-rounded story. I could not put this book down and finished it very quickly, which is always the sign of a good book. My only complaint about The Death of Bees was that the ending felt a bit too easy considering the hardships of the rest of the novel.
The Death of Bees is a beautiful but bleak coming-of-age story. The novel was fast-paced and a very enjoyable. Despite its rather rushed ending, The Death of Bees is a fantastic read.

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