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Indexing by Seanan McGuire

Indexing - Seanan McGuire

Indexing is urban fantasy and science fiction author Seanan McGuire's cracked fairy tale in Kindle serial format. This was my first experience with a Kindle serial, an experience I will give a mixed review. However, the plot of McGuire's urban fantasy-flavored cracked fairy tale was fun, exciting and very enjoyable.
In Indexing, McGuire tells the story of a team of fairy tale cops, a team of misfit fairy tale characters charged with stopping the harmful effects of fairy tale incursions from damaging the human world. The story itself was fantastic - McGuire's writing is, as usual, flawless; the characters are unique and yet relatable; and the plot is exciting and interesting. However, I rather disliked the Kindle serial format - it was too long between episodes, and I found that I did better if I let a few episodes accrue rather than reading the story one chapter at a time with two weeks between each chapter. I would try another Kindle serial, but I wish the episodes were released no more than a week apart.
Fans of McGuire's other work, especially her October Daye and InCryptid urban fantasy series, will almost certainly enjoy Indexing. Cracked fairy tale fans - think Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles or Adam Gidwitz's A Tale Dark & Grimm series - will also likely enjoy the story. My only complaint about Indexing was the long wait between episodes, owing to the Kindle serial format. 
4.5 Stars

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