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The Litter of the Law by Rita Mae Brown

The Litter of the Law - Rita Mae Brown

The Litter of the Law is the 21st (!!) book in Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy mystery series. In it, Harry, her inquisitive tabby cat Mrs. Murphy, chubby cat Pewter and loyal corgi Tee Tucker stumble into a spooky Halloween murder mystery. While The Litter of the Law follows Brown's usual Mrs. Murphy formula, it was as much of a quick, fun read as the first 20 books in this cozy mystery series.
Brown's latest installment in the Mrs. Murphy mystery series is set during Halloween and makes use of the season as a cover for the murders that Harry and her animal friends discover. While nothing about The Litter of the Law is extraordinary - the writing is average and the plot is predictable - fans of Brown's previous work will likely enjoy it. The strength of the Mrs. Murphy series is in the main characters - specifically the non-human ones. They are more than cute; Mrs. Murphy, Pewter and Tucker are old friends to Mrs. Murphy readers at this point. 
Despite not breaking any new ground, The Litter of the Law is an enjoyable and comforting read. This book fulfills the needs of cozy mystery readers and does it in an engaging way. I recommend The Litter of the Law to any loyal Mrs. Murphy mystery reader.

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