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Gail Carriger
Unshapely Things - Mark Del Franco I immediately realized this would not be the most original urban fantasy I'd ever read - Connor Grey is more than a little reminiscent of Harry Dresden. Grey is a Druid who has lost his magic mojo and most of his high-powered magic-using friends. He consults with the police on cases involving magic, magic-users or other strangeness (sound familiar?). But I decided to stick with it. I love Harry Dresden, and I hoped that Franco would at least provide me with a few hours of entertainment. But that was not to be.Halfway through the book, I nearly stopped reading. It was what I call the Horror Movie Moment - a plot device so screamingly obvious that you can't help but wish the character would figure out that they are in a horror movie and therefore should not go into the dark basement. In this case, it was our (admitted bran damaged) hero who forgot to look after the human decoys he sent into danger to draw out the murderer because he got distracted by the most untrustworthy characters in the book. Yes, that's right - he had been complaining for pages already about how untrustworthy those Guild folk were but immediately followed them when they said they found the murderer. Predictably, his human decoy was killed, he felt guilty and swore to find the murderer to avenge this senseless death, yada yada yada. It was a predictable snorefest thereafter, devolving into cliche after cliche, and the end came as no surprise to anyone. What a disappointment.Read this review and others on my blog.