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Gail Carriger
Under Heaven - Guy Gavriel Kay Under Heaven, the first book in a two-part series by Guy Gavriel Kay, is a historical novel set during the tail end of the Tang Dynasty in China. Described by many sources as historical fantasy, I would lean more toward describing it as historical fiction with elements of magical realism. In it, Kay tells the story of the An Shi rebellion through the eyes of a pious but troubled second son of a dead army general. While it was slower in its pacing than I usually enjoy, the slower pace worked for me in this instance - I savored the beautiful imagery, rather than feeling lost in the details. In many ways, Under Heaven reminded me of the sort of epic wu xia film that Zhang YiMou might create. I highly recommend it for lovers of Chinese history and wu xia films.Read this review and more on The Library Lass Book Talk Blog.