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2312 - I finally picked up a copy of 2313 by Kim Stanley Robinson, the winner of the 2012 Nebula Award for Best Novel, at my local library last week. I spent the next week struggling through the first 200 pages of this book. I have put the book down and do not plan to continue reading it. While I am sure this book was a delight for some readers, it simply was not for me.There are certain elements I love about science fiction. Most importantly, I love that it asks questions - sometimes tough ones - about our society, but does it through its own depictions of the future, aliens, space travel or alien worlds. This book does get at some of that and i suspect that's part of the reason it won the Nebula Award. However, I ask a little more of my science fiction novels. I want them to be logical, precise and straight-forward - and 2312 is simply not written in this way. Furthermore, I expect my science fiction to be fast-paced and written with precision. 2312, on the other hand, is meandering, explores some alternative writing styles. It is, if I may use the word, a bit too hoity-toity for my taste.So, 200 pages in I am throwing in the towel. Yes, this book may be a favorite for some. Yes, it absolutely achieves something. But frankly, it is a bit too pompous for me.