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Ever After by Kim Harrison

Ever After - Kim Harrison

In Ever After, the 11th book in The Hollows series, Kim Harrison continues to build on the overall story arc of day-walking demon Rachel Morgan. Ever After is not perfect. However, the story is ultimately successful with some interesting twists, surprising character development and ultimately a very exciting ending.
The Hollows series is set in Cincinnati in an alternate universe in which magic - and magic users, including vampires, witches and demons - are real. Morgan is a day-walking demon with an overly developed sense of responsibility but (sadly) underdeveloped emotional maturity (if her heart leaps one more time I swear I'm sending her a Pacemaker). However, Morgan is likable as are many of the other characters in the book. In Ever After, Morgan has to race against time - and a psychotic demon - to save the realm of the demons from destruction. I really love where the demon/elf storyline is going - it surprising and enjoyable. Jenks is, as usual, the strongest character in the story. Trent is a bit too predictable, and I'm getting a bit bored of the Ivy storyline. That said, this novel was fun, exciting and ultimately a comfort read for me. 
Despite its flaws, Harrison managed to strike the note that great urban fantasy always does for me with this novel. Ever After is exciting, engaging and incredibly enjoyable. If you haven't started reading The Hollows series yet, go - now! - and get started.

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