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Gail Carriger
Midnight Blue-Light Special - Seanan McGuire It's been a long year waiting for Seanan McGuire's second installment of her InCryptid series. Midnight Blue-Light Special does not quite live up to the the first book in the series, but it's still a truly fantastic urban fantasy novel. The InCryptid series tells the story of Verity Price, whose family trade is cryptozoology - the study of monsters - and whose passion is ballroom dancing. Some of my favorite scenes in Discount Armageddon, the first book in the series, were those in which Verity danced. She was truly passionate about dancing and it made her character unique in monster-obsessed urban fantasy heroines - dear God the woman had a life outside of her job! But no, we urban fantasy readers can't have nice things. In this book, Verity decided to drop the dancing in favor of - yes, you guessed it - more monsters. Meh.The story itself was good. Dominic, Verity's oh-so-inappropriate boyfriend who belongs to the very organization that has been hunting her family for years, warns Verity that the Covenant is on its way to New York to check his progress. Verity and her cryptid friends immediately begin preparing for the worst. A small but deadly group of friends and family hole up with Verity and the mice (love them mice!) and the Covenant comes to town.My second problem with this story came shortly after we meet Verity's long-lost psychotic serial killer cousin Margaret, who works for the Covenant and wants nothing more than to kill Verity. Now I know that's not very nice - jeez, Margaret! - but Verity's reaction to this turn of events was so out of character it nearly put me off finishing the book. Verity, like all of our favorite urban fantasy heroines, is tough. I mean REALLY tough. A little attempted murder never seemed to bother her before. But now she begins to mope. No, it doesn't last long, and yes, she gets it together in the end, but that was really jarring for me as a reader.Perhaps the most successful element of Midnight Blue-Light Special was when cousin Sarah, our lovable psychic with inherited sociopathic tendencies, takes over the narrative. WE WANT MORE SARAH! I hope she gets more narration in upcoming InCryptid novels or gets her own spin-off series - I would certainly read that!So my review is rather mixed, but the overall effect was a hell of a good time and some rather funny moments. I'll pick up the next one, but hope Verity keeps it together and gets back to dancing.