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Gail Carriger
Trickster - Jeff Somers I would give this 0 stars if that were possible. This novel was described as gritty - which turned out to be quite true if gritty means filled with blood, grime and bad smells - but sadly lacked in anything to make me care about the characters or their plight. The main character seemed immune to good choices - if you choose to drink and gamble and still whine about feeling poorly from blood loss, I'm not likely to feel particularly sorry for you. Our whiny protagonist had a sidekick - a mentally challenged character reminiscent of Steinbeck's Lennie - whom he treated as poorly as he treated himself. Their discovery of a body worried him - but not so much as to actually do anything about it. Drinking and gambling were far more important to this character than actually helping anyone. Clearly, they eventually got sucked into actually helping someone later in the book, but by then I'd lost interest in this cowardly anti-hero. You read this review and others on my blog.