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Gail Carriger
All Our Pretty Songs - Sarah McCarry All Our Pretty Songs, Sarah McCarry's YA debut, is one of my favorite novels of the year. Set in modern-day Seattle, it tells a story of friendship, love and loss in haunting, lyrical prose. The nameless narrator tells us her story and that of her best friend, Aurora, who is not-so-subtly a fictionalized Francis Bean Cobain (the late Kurt Cobain's daughter). This is literary fantasy at its most beautiful.Grunge references abound in this novel, including its title (from the lyrics of Nirvana's "In Bloom"), references to people and events surrounding Nirvana and other popular grunge and punk bands of the 1990s Seattle music scene. McCarry does a beautiful job of using these references to provide nostalgic anchors for readers who remember that era without being so heavy-handed with them as to alienate readers who may not be old enough to have lived through it. The story is beautiful, terrifying and fraught with sincerity and and the truths of the loss of innocence that come with growing up. The story is fast-paced and far too short. A preview of the next book in the trilogy reveals that it will be, at least in part, a prequel. I can hardly wait to read it.I highly recommend All Our Pretty Songs to fans of fantasy, both those who remember the grunge era with nostalgia and to older teens. That said, this novel does have several references to drugs and sex, so I would only recommend it to fairly sophisticated older teens and adults. Its prose will haunt you for days and will leave you aching for more.Read this review and more at The Library Lass Book Talk Blog.