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Gail Carriger
Box Office Poison - Phillipa Bornikova Box Office Poison is a new addition to the urban fantasy genre by Phillipa Bornikova. I love urban fantasy and always enjoy a new take on the genre. Unfortunately, this particular take was flat, emotionless and ultimately dull.The main character of the novel and presumably the series is Linnet Ellery, a young corporate lawyer in a vampire-run law firm who was raised by vampires. In Box Office Poison, Linnet must discover why the Alfar (elves) are getting more movie roles than humans, and why they keep committing horrific murders that they cannot remember afterward. This first novel in the series also sets up several larger storylines, including one about Linnet's elven lover who is trapped in Fey and another about who - or what - she is.I realize that urban fantasy is a pretty formulaic genre. But like most genres, successful urban fantasy transcends the formula. Unfortunately, Bornikova does not quite manage to do that. Linnet feels disconnected and emotionless, leaving the reader feeling the same way. I ultimately did not care what happened to her, and that marks a failure for me.Box Office Poison is an interesting take on the urban fantasy genre. Unfortunately, it felt formulaic and emotionless. Skip it and try something better.Read this review and more at The Library Lass Book Talk Blog.