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The Returned - Jason Mott I received an advanced reader's copy of this book through the Goodreads First Reads program.The Returned by Jason Mott tells the story of an older couple in a small North Carolina town whose young son is returned to them - 50 years after his death. The dead are returning all over the world and nobody knows quite what to make of them or what to do with them. While The Returned had a fantastic ending, I had several issues with this novel.First, I really did not appreciate the not-so-subtle religious overtones. Yes, I get the connection - you don't have to smack me in the face with the Bible. Second, I am not a patient reader and there was very, very little action until the last few chapters of this book. For the first three-quarters of it I was bored out of my mind. If I hadn't been reading it to review I would have given up on it 50 pages in. And finally, the character development was woeful. Most of the characters were one-dimensional caricatures. That said, the ending was beautiful. I think this book was in dire need of editing.So while the ending - and its message - are beautiful, I would not recommend The Returned to most readers. It was too slow, the characters were underdeveloped and the in-your-face religious lesson was insulting.1.5 starsRead this review and more on The Library Lass Book Talk Blog.